Dan Duggan

Songwriter Dan Duggan’s music and songs are emotional, deeply personal, and steeped in the Blues and Country/Folk genres. Dan’s music and songs are influenced by some of the great storytellers and it is clear that evoking emotion through music is at the heart of Dan’s creative drive. Dan has had a breakout year following the release of his debut EP Blackheart Sassafras. Since then Dan has toured relentlessly playing shows in Western Australia, and across the East Coast, as well as headlining a show at the Gold Coast Arts Centre to rave reviews. In 2017 Dan intends to continue playing around the country with a US tour planned for late in the year as well as a follow up recording to his successful debut release.

“Dan Duggan’s music and songs have a connectivity and resonance that few can replicate… A rare talent indeed.” – In Dependence Music