Fools Gold

A dynamic duo of acoustic guitar and bass, with enigmatic stage presence and featuring delightful harmonies, meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies, Fools Gold have stumbled across a winning combination.

This accidental ensemble of nearly two years, began as a casual jam but quickly developed into a smooth collaboration, with a stage dynamic that has been descibed as both random and electric.

Nice guy guitarist/vocalist Steve Maguire a  Townsville music scene newcomer meets sassy ratbag rock chick Heather Armstrong a regular on the local music scene for ten years and end up proving the old adage that opposites attract. Blending their talents and expanding their songcraft, the two lyricists now have a lengthy list of original song that are smart and surprising. A growing list of performances a few awards plus the increased popularityamongst their fans and peers, encourages these two golden fools to keep playing around. Come and check out this unpredictable pair of performing pyrytes, your guaranteed to get more then you expected.