A Musical Odyssey (Katerini Manolatos & Paul Chantrill)

Australian-Greek Mezzo-soprano Katerini Manolatos & classical guitarist Paul Chantrill bring the music of Greece and the world alive. Let them take you on a journey.

A Musical Odyssey are two brilliant musicians residing in Cairns.  They are passionate about sharing music that contributes to the multicultural landscape of Australia.   “We combine two beautiful pure elements of voice and guitar to reimagine the music of Greece and the world”.

A Musical Odyssey formed in Cairns 6 years ago and since then have performed widely both internationally and nationally.  In 2015 they toured the Ionian islands of Greece and held 3 concerts on the islands of Ithaki and Kefalonia.  Here they launched their debut CD "A Musical Odyssey: Songs from Greece" which was embraced by their audiences.

In Cairns A Musical Odyssey have performed for the Palm Cove Reef Feast, the Annual Carols in Fogarty Park, the Yungaburra Folk Festival and The Greek Festival.  Katerini and Paul have produced concerts around Cairns showcasing world music and Greek music and have established a following within the community.

Katerini and Paul have also performed concerts in Brisbane and are planning their Australian tour in 2017/2018. 

Both Katerini and Paul are classically trained and have had rich musical careers leading up to A Musical Odyssey forming.