Savage Niueans

Savage Niueans is formed by Kirwan State High School, it’s a (boy’s only group) with a mixture of different backgrounds from Samoa, Tonga, Maori, Cook Islands, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islands, PNG, Niue and Fiji.  The story of the name of the dance group lends itself to a rich history.  The surname ‘Savage' came to be, after Captain Cook re-named Niue islands ‘Savage Islands’.  When modern ancestors from Torres Strait Islands discovered family in Townsville, they worked out that their great-great-grandfathers, who were brought over on slave ships, were originally from Niue, were family, and went by the name of ‘Savage’, for this reason.  Combining ‘Savage’ and ‘Niueans’, a founding member of the group decided that uniting these names would be a beautiful way of coming together as a family and honouring their lost ancestors; together they would dance and learn more about their history.