United Martial Arts & Fitness (formally NQ Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy)

United Martial Arts and Fitness is a Townsville based academy that pride themselves on offering a family friendly Martial Arts community of likeminded people. UMAF is the only Academy in Townsville accredited to deliver the Powerful Words program as an integral part of its classes. United Martial Arts & Fitness demonstration will include the graceful yet formidable art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, a martial art development by women. The art was popularized by Bruce Lee. Their school is etched in history, represented at the Shaolin Temple in China 2013 by Pablo Cardenas. UMAF’s display will demonstrate how science and proper biomechanics can defend against a bigger, younger and more agile opponent.  Their demonstration team ages range from 6 years +++ UMAF focuses on Reality Based Self-defence sure to intrigue & enlighten your perspective on self-defence. UMAF will deliver a spectacular demonstration with a comedy & acrobatic theme at the Townsville Cultural Fest