A Message from the Director

A Message from the Director



The Townsville Cultural Festival is as much a festival as it is a social experiment, as much about sharing culture and story as it is about reimagining our collective future; it’s an attempt to create an alternate reality so vivid and so heartfelt that it becomes a shared reality.


On the surface Townsville Cultural Festival is a festival of music and dance, of arts and theatre, entertainment and awe-inspiring performance. At its core, however, this event is about blurring imagined boundaries and recognising our inherent Unity in Diversity, it is about holding a safe space for the sharing of visions and the hearing of voices that would otherwise have not been heard.


As an event of the Townsville Intercultural Centre, its connection to community is undeniable, its commitment to nurturing grassroots arts and music is reflected in our programming, and our mission to allow the expression of diverse voices is what gives this event the life and vibrancy that so many others strive for.


It is the love we hold in our hearts for you that carries us through, and our wish to pave the way for a harmonious and peaceful society that inspires and motivates us. We trust that our efforts will in some way facilitate the reimagining of life on Earth by allowing for new ideas and ancient wisdoms to be shared as we celebrate the beauty and the glory of the human experience. 


This year we have programmed for you, everything from traditional dance and drumming workshops, to circus acts, burlesque and drag shows, and the Townsville heat of the Australian National Poetry Slam. We have more local artists than ever before, and we’ve drawn performers and workshop facilitators from as far away as the UK and the Middle East.


We look forward with much anticipation to welcoming your shining faces to our new home at James Cook University from Wednesday 17th to Sunday 21st of August, which we have meticulously prepared for you. We ask that at the gates you take one deep breath and as you release that parcel of air back into the universe you take a moment to recognise your oneness with it all.


With Love,

Dr Farvardin Daliri 



Event Director

Townsville Cultural Festival