Due to Covid-19 restrictions the festival has changed to adapt to the social spacing requirement.

On 22 August the festival in a form of motorised carnival parade will go around to people in different parts of Townville from Kelso, the Strand, Willows, Pallarenda, and Bushland beach. The Carnival Parade will be led by the world famous giant kookaburra and followed by many other major mobile art features, sculptures and vehicle entries. You can get involved too. 

For joining the parade click here: https://www.culturalfest.org/carnival_parade_application
For the Townsville Road Map and timetable click here:
For Queensland roadmap and timetable click here:

Who organises TC Fest?

The Townsville Intercultural Centre and its dedicated staff of community development and social work staff work tirelessly to put this great event on for the benefit of the public.


Where can I get tickets?

You can purchase tickets online from this site and at the gate. To avoid the line up and to be in the running for some amazing prizes we recommend you purchase online.


How can I be involved with TC Fest?

There are a great number of ways you can participate: as performers, creators, providers or volunteers. Check the 'apply' page for more details and get your applications in now.


Who funds TC Fest?

The TC Fest is a not-for-profit event that receives some support from Government and Corporate sponsors, however our biggest sponsor is always the public.