Sponsor TC Fest

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the festival has changed to adapt to the social spacing requirement.

On 22 August the festival in a form of motorised carnival parade will go around to people in different parts of Townville from Kelso, the Strand, Willows, Pallarenda, and Bushland beach. The Carnival Parade will be led by the world famous giant kookaburra and followed by many other major mobile art features, sculptures and vehicle entries. You can get involved too. 

For joining the parade click here: https://www.culturalfest.org/carnival_parade_application
For the Townsville Road Map and timetable click here:
For Queensland roadmap and timetable click here:

As a grassroots based community event, Townsville Cultural Festival depends on the support and collaboration of Community, Corporate, and Government associations. In order to stay true to its roots and remain a community owned and inclusive event, the organisers make every effort to keep entrance fees to an absolute minimum. In order to do so, we seek the sponsorship of community minded organisations.

Sponsors and supporters have access to various promotional avenues, through which their support of this event is brought to the attention of the community. These include stage rights, sponsorship of special events, signage on print material throughout the festival, as well as broadcasting mentions. With tens of thousands of visitors during the festival and an extensive promotional campaign, sponsors are well rewarded and appreciated by the members of the community that benefit from their support.

In order to discuss sponsorship opportunities and a tailored package for your organisation please contact event management here.